Digital Transcription Service and AHDI

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AHDI is an acronym for the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity. As the term suggests, AHDI is a society dedicated to upholding standards in the education and practice of creating healthcare documents, ensuring the US healthcare system has accurate and secure health data. So, in what ways does AHDI help the field of digital transcription service? Let’s find out.

AHDI has laid down the guidelines for digital transcription education. Its guidelines are collectively known as the competency profile for digital transcription education, referred to as COMPRO. When looking for a course in digital transcription service, make sure that it conforms to AHDI’s guidelines. AHDI provides a digital transcription style guide for transcriptionists to refer to in order to deliver quality work. The association issues credentials to digital transcription service providers, establishing their expertise in the profession.

One has to take a test to get the credential of a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) or a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT). On becoming members of AHDI, digital transcription students can avail the mentoring provided by the association. AHDI offers different types of memberships for students, professionals, non-working transcriptionists, companies, and training institutes. The website of AHDI provides listing of job opportunities. The listing is updated regularly. AHDI’s aim is to ensure that patients’ health data is accurate and confidential. It also tries to enhance the experience of the professionals in the field. Though US-based, AHDI is the largest professional society in the world that represents the clinical documentation sector. Come back tomorrow for some more information from the interesting world of digital transcription service.

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